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BC Inflatables

Safety Rules for Inflatables Name of Inflatable:                                              

• Adult supervision is required at all times.

• Do not operate inflatables in high winds or rain.  Unload all occupants and deflate the inflatable if wind gusts are greater than 20 miles per hour.

• Limit occupants of the inflatable to the number specified by the manufacturer.                    

• Participants must be of equal size and ability.  Participants must be 200 pounds or less (unless another weight is specifically listed on the inflatable). 

• No flips, pushing, rough housing are permitted on any inflatable.                         

• Remove shoes and any sharp objects such as jewelry and buttons with pins before using the inflatable.

• No silly string, food, gum or other candy allowed on the inflatables.  A $50 cleaning fee will be charged for any silly string or similar item that has to be removed from the inflatable because of your event. Inflatable was clean at the start of the event:                   

• Follow any other rules listed by the manufacturer on the side of the inflatable.

• If the inflatable begins to deflate while children or adults are playing, immediately evacuate each person individually as the inflatable will deflate rapidly.  Possible Causes for Deflation include: 1 Loss of Power a. Check to make sure that the blower is turned on and that all extensions cords are properly plugged in. b. Check to see if the circuit has popped.  Plug blower cord into an outlet on a different circuit. 2 Check the inflation tube to make sure it is properly attached to the blower fan. The inflation tube must be properly closed around the fan outlet cone to prevent large air leakage.  3 Check to make sure that all zippers on the inflatable are zipped shut. • Do not allow any children or adults in the rear of the ride or near the electric blower fan at any time.  Do not put fingers/hands into fan inlet or outlet when running.

• Have a fire extinguisher located close by any generators.  In the event of a fire evacuate all occupants from the attractions. 

• If an injury occurs that requires more than basic first aid:

 1 Do not move the injured person.  Immediately seek medical assistance and call for an ambulance. 

2 Do not allow any additional participants onto the attraction.

3 Do not move the attraction.  Immediately call an BC Inflatables representative who will contact the appropriate N.C. amusement safety officials who will investigate the accident and perform a site inspection within 24 hours.     BCI Rep telephone #:  919-627-7132                                  

Cancellations - We do not offer Refunds for Cancellations - we do reschedule. No Credit will ever be lost if cancelled within 24 hours. No Shows will be lost.

We require all Rental equipment be cleaned and ready for pick up at designated times of the service agreement, or further charges could apply.

Bouncers should only be placed on cleared, flat as possible areas, free of debris, stones sticks etc.

All persons entering bouncers should be less than 200 pounds.

No shoes are allowed in Bouncers. Socks are preferred. 

Rental signer agrees to follow our policies upon signing during reservation process on the website, and the waiver for the term of their contract for your rental date.

Rental Contract

Rental Aggreement

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