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The carousel located at Northgate Mall has been open since 1981. It has helped foster a nostalgic amusement for many families that have visited Northgate Mall for over 35 years. Northgate Mall is now under new ownership, and future plans are uncertain; therefore, we know it's best to find a more permanent location for the carousel so children and families can enjoy it for years to come. 

BC Inflatables and Island Carousel owners and stakeholders of the carousel want to keep the carousel here in Durham. 


Why does BC Inflatables care? BC Inflatables has been its lessee, managing the carousel for the past couple of years and we are responsible for its operations, management, maintenance and future. The current owner has agreed to release the carousel in our care, help with the transition, and relocation. Business has continued, but it has been a fight to maintain it. Help us keep the carousel here in Durham for our families to continue to enjoy in a location where it will flourish.


Please help us raise funds to make that happen!

This will costs upwards of $300,000 or more depending on location. The more funds we raise, the better prepared we will be to ensure its longevity. 

Our Mission

 * Buyout contract on carousel

* Receive Historical Landmark Certificate and Plaque for carousel

* Find new permanent location in Durham for carousel

* Build maintenance fund for carousel so it can last for years to come and generation after generation to enjoy

* Build plans for community programs for all in new location

* All donations and progress will be shared with the public

* 100% of the funds raised go towards the buyout and relocation for the carousel at Northgate Mall, creating a trust to fund the future of its maintenance and longevity

Come with us on this journey and help us save one of the joys of childhood 

for our children and future generations